Grupo trinity

Minería y comercialización internacional

Mining and International Trade

Grupo Coquecol

  • Founded more than 30 years ago in the department of Boyacá, Grupo Coquecol is the market leader in metallurgical coal in Colombia.
  • Grupo Coquecol has 4 companies dedicated to the production, exploration, exploitation, trade and transportation of coal and metallurgical coke.


  • Intercarbon Mining is devoted to the exploration, mining and extraction of coal and the trade of its byproducts.
  • Metallurgical coal extraction is carried out by underground mining, reaching the deposits through construction, slope mines, chimneys, etc.
  • Three zones of operation:
    • Zona Altiplano: Vereda Firita Peña Arriba – Mina Manto 3, Mina Manto 6, Mina Manto 9.
    • Zona Ráquira: Vereda Firita Peña Arriba – Mina La Peña, Mina El Piedro, Mina Bocatoma.
    • Zona Guacheta: Vereda Peña – Mina La Mana, Mina Laberinto, Mina El Manzano.